Technical Features

The radical choice for simple client implementations and complex business logic on the server-side opens up many possibilities. Here is a selection of some features, for full details and all options, please contact us.

Fast and scalable, cloud-based

Our platform is fully cloud-based, making it very scalable and reliable. We handle all connections to programmatic demand partners via the shortest connection path possible, to make the auction process as fast as possible. If markets respond too slow, a timeout on the Adhese end will ensure that the total ad request for all placements on a page never takes longer than the configured timeout (ex. 250ms)

Using a robust and durable environment leads to a spectacular decrease in errors and timeouts compared to client-side JavaScript-based implementations. These wrappers rely on the connection of the personal computer or mobile phone and execute all business logic in the browser or app. The performance in such a situation depends entirely on the user's connection and device.

Implement across many platforms

Gateway functions entirely server-side and keeps all client implementations as simple as possible to avoid exposing business rules and configuration. This allows for easy integrations in many different platforms and devices without the need for complex development.

Once implemented, no further client-side changes are needed. Publishers can activate new demand sources, add or shape the data they share with their partners, set business rules, multipliers and even exceptions all through a centralised web application. These changes are executed instantly and do not need any intervention from webmasters or app developers.

You can find all details on the various implementation options (Javascript, Prebid, Android, iOS, VAST, ...) in the implementation guide.

Centralised Granular Reporting

All data on media inventory and market activity is collected daily in BigQuery tables that are accessible through reports as well as the BQ API, ready for integration in any BI solution. The data is available in full granularity and contains any custom targeting a publisher might have configured.

Every Adhese user has permanent access to the data and can create their own reports as well as use various templates offered by Adhese. Integrations in existing reporting tools or business intelligence platforms are the usual way to go for enterprise clients, where smaller publishers benefit from the ready-made reports

Real-Time Bid Stream Insight

Gateway gives real-time insight into the bid stream for operational debugging. This allows you to verify specific debug traffic from configured clients as well as complete request/response pairs from sampled live traffic. With this insight, publishers can verify the correct functioning of their setup and have a complete view of debugging issues or new connections.

An operational dashboard offers a real-time overview of the full programmatic operation of an Adhese instance. Adops teams can follow incoming bids, fill rates, deal results, time-outs, match rates and any other aspect of the bid stream on screen.

Optimal Yielding

When all programmatic and direct demand passes through a publisher's Adhese instance, various yielding strategies can be applied. By default, the highest net CPM price will win the auction. Still, publishers very often set specific rules for giving a particular buyer or campaign priority even if it is not the highest bidder.

These rules tie into a longer-term strategy of a publisher, that is usually negotiated outside of the automated markets but managed over programmatic for operational efficiency.
With Gateway, you can manage the auction rules based on aspects of the bid stream and the inventory: individual campaigns, specific audience or dmp segments, give priority to certain markets or bidders on a market, deals, ...

By managing the rules, publishers can find a strategy that honours any guarantees they committed to, but still gets most out of the open market.

And much more...

If you would like to know more about Adhese Gateway, we are happy to set up a call and show you various applications and business cases from active customers.

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